[Feature Request] FX Console - Asset Management?

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[Feature Request] FX Console - Asset Management?

Postby noxas on 02/4/2017, 5:59 am

Hi, I love FX Console for its simplicity & the time saving it allows. I have a feature request that would (at least for me) take this to the next level...

I was wondering if a future update could include 'Asset Management', which would further increase speed & efficiency. For example, I have a bunch animated client logos & other custom animated elements that I use often. Being able to access & preview all of these from directly within After Effects, without having to import them all or leave the progam, would be great.

There is a plugin for blender that does a very similar job, but for objects, materials & HDRI's instead, which works great.

Is this something that could be considered? Or is there maybe a plugin out there that already does this job?

Many Thanks!
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