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TIP: Explosion elements resources

Postby lassebauer on 06/14/2015, 11:54 am

Care for a bang?

If you ever need a good explosion for your project, or (like me) simply like cool explosions, you might have found it hard to find really good, high quality footage. I´ve spent quite a bit of time researching, and here are the sources I have found.
Hopefully this can save you some time when/if you feel like blowing something up :D

• CG Explosion: http://www.cgexplosion.com
These are among the nicest explosions I have seen out there, and probably the ones with the most control, since most of them come in a "PRO" layered version: an EXR version where you get maximum color and light control via multiple layers – including: All-in-one, Color, Diffuse, Fire, Relight, Scattering, Smoke layers.
The footage is not only great, but some of the clips are very long, especially the smoke & fire versions.
Footage comes in 3 versions: Low, standard and Pro, ranging from free to 18$ (Standard) to appr 35$ for the Pro version.
A bit pricy compared to other sources, but luckily they offer 20% for 5 files, 35% discount if you get more than 10 files, and 45% discount if you get more than 20. And furthermore the Austrian guy - Markus - who runs it, has very good customer service.
FYI: There are quite a few free HD clips as well.

• PixelBump: http://www.pixelbump.com
Pixelbump has created a really cool "Destruction Pack" where all explosions and most other elements have been rendered in 3 diff angles:
Front, below and above - which is really great if you want to show a blast from more than just one angle.
The pack consists of 322 elements for ground explosions pre keyed at 2K.
There are 12 categories of elements: Camera Dust, Debris, Embers, Fire, Fire Chunks, Fireballs, Ground Charges, Ground Dust, Smoke, Smokeballs, Sparks and Tendrils. In other words; you have endless combinations for your particular shot.
The Destruction Pack will set you back 150$ - but for 320+ elements, it seems like a good deal.

• FInal Light: http://www.finallight.com
Their website seems hopelessly dated, and some of the video previews are ridiculously small - but that doesn´t change the fact that their explosions, and particularly Nuclear ones are really, really cool. All of them are CG made in FumeFX and similar, and most of them come in two qualities (low res and full HD), all keyed and with several layers for extra control.
They call it a toolkit, which I guess is a bit of a stretch. The quality is very high, though.
The price for their HD Explosion Toolkit is 199$, and it´s a 169$ for the Atomic Toolkit. You can also buy individual clips, but the price is 50 bucks pr. clip, which in real life makes it way too expensive to purchase on a per-clip basis.

• MotionVFX: http://www.motionvfx.com
MotionVFX has a LOT of great products - many of them tailormade for Motion and FCPX, but also a lot of assets and footage that can be used with any video editing software.
They offer "mBlast" which is a 2K or 4K pack with a load of cool explosions, dust, dirt & debris charges etc. They are keyed (as far as I can see) and you can of course layer them for extra control and better results.
Their packs start at 49$ (2K version) and 69$ for the 4K version.

• VideoHive: http://www.videohive.net
It´s already a great source for all things video, CG and VFX - and they also have some very nice fire and explosion assets and footage.
There are no single packs I want to point out, so you´ll have to look for single files that suit your need.
Here´s a handful I like:
http://videohive.net/item/kaboom-explos ... ve/9502257
http://videohive.net/item/realistic-exp ... ke/9350590

Prices range from 9-20$ depending on resolution and size of the pack.
All in all VideoHive offer some really cool fire, explosion and dust elements at a very reasonable price.
Just prepare to spend a bit of time researching, since there isn´t any complete (at least AFAIK) pack with professional elements.

• Mitch Martinez: http://www.mitchmartinez.com
If you´re looking for REALLY nice FREE footage of fire, fireballs and smoke - look no further.
Shot with RED Epic in 4K these clips are gorgeous! Make yourself a gallon of coffee, and start downloading.
Mr. Martinez really did a great job with this footage. Also check out his MANY other clips.

Well, that´s it.
I hope this can be helpful :)
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Re: TIP: Explosion elements resources

Postby Farmfield on 06/14/2015, 12:35 pm

Boom! Awesome link collection. Much appreciated.
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