Action Essentials 2 videos need converting?

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Action Essentials 2 videos need converting?

Postby FrankyKnuckles on 01/6/2015, 10:12 pm

I have a new Mac and I notice that all of my action essential 2 video files now will not preview in adobe bridge and I have to double click on them to preview it....then it converts the file (about 3 seconds for each) and when closing it then it tries to resave the file with the word "converted" in it.

Are the quicktime files older and it's because maybe quicktime has updated or something? Is there a way I can convert all the .mov files at once so that I can preview them without having to double click each file? I have to double click and convert each file even when previewing it in the finder.
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Re: Action Essentials 2 videos need converting?

Postby Dustin Hudson on 01/7/2015, 1:02 pm

For previewing in bridge we recommend using the .MP4 thumbnail files for previewing.

Then import the full resolution .mov files into your project.

If you resave the file after it converts and then import it, you may damage the alpha properties which make them pre-keyed. More Info about this from Apple Support
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Re: Action Essentials 2 videos need converting?

Postby Farmfield on 01/7/2015, 1:14 pm

As this isn't really in regard to the VCP product but Bridge, I'll butt in and tip the OP about XnView as an alternative to Bridge.

I really had a lot of bad experiences with Bridge, so a couple of years ago I started using XnView instead and though you don't have the same linkage to the Adobe apps, I just drag and drop from XnView to PS, AE, Illustrator, it works as well.
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Re: Action Essentials 2 videos need converting?

Postby davidp158 on 04/4/2016, 10:07 am

I have wondered about this issue, too. I used to be able to preview Action Essentials in AE and PP, but something changed (OS or Creative Cloud) and now I have to import them into projects to view them. I could copy all the .mp4 previews onto my hard drive, but I'd prefer to just preview the QT files like I used to be able to. Any idea what changed???
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