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still image animation

Postby arcitek on 01/7/2012, 6:53 pm

I'm sorry, I may be in the wrong forum and I am posting in two forums (AE and Photoshop) to figure out which forum is best suited for this question.

I am creating a digital painting that is a mountain scene and has a large waterfall in the center of a built environment viewed at eye level looking slighting up. This is actually for a class I am taking on digital painting and I am just getting started working out a sketch of the scene. I will be modelling the built part in a 3D program with the rest of the image using photographs, textures and digital paint to create the final comp. What I would like to learn/ try to do is to animate the final still where the waterfall is actually falling and there is the illusion of movement by the viewer in the built part by pulling the still toward you or doing something to create that illusion.

Understand, I am sure something like this is done all of the time but I would like to learn how to do this. Are there any recommended tutorials, tips, or suggestions on how to go about this? IS AE or Photoshop best suited for something like this?

I use Photoshop alot but AE very little although I would like to learn much more.

I appreciate any guidance that may be offered. I can post up the final sketch if desired which will show what I am trying to accomplish.
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Re: still image animation

Postby nico89-fx on 01/8/2012, 2:02 pm

Well, for creating the Matte painting itself, photoshop. no doubt about that.
For animating the waterfall you'll need a particle system like trapcode particular (multiple instances of it, ideally) if you wanna do it inside of after effects. Or if you want something more complex, but also time consuming and difficult to learn, you can go the Realflow way, which will create a realistic simulation and not just a stylized thing, with foam and everything.
However, if it's a far away shot, particular should be able to pull this off.
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