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Riot Gear Texture Problems

PostPosted: 08/7/2008, 9:28 pm
by illusioNP
So I just bought riot gear a few days ago after watching some of the things you did with it but I'm having problems with the textures. I tried putting one of the grungy textures in while following the tutorial with the smoke element and I got this error everytime in the middle of rendering. So i went back and disabled things until I found out what the problem was and it turned out to be the grungy texture. I ended up replacing it and rendered without issue. Today, however, I went back to work on my 2 day old project and this error popped up again in the middle of my work. I traced it back this time to the Paper_06 texture I was using from riot gear under the high quality section. The error is as follows:

After Effects error: Photoshop file format error --- Out of memory. (-108)


I also tried clicking on other paper textures in that category and about half of them have the same error. It was also working fine before it just suddenly messed up today while I was working. I tried replacing the footage with the file again with no luck. Any help would be appreciated because it's frustrating having to change textures after two days of work on it.

Re: Riot Gear Texture Problems

PostPosted: 08/7/2008, 9:36 pm
by illusioNP
Well I just went back in to try to figure out what's wrong and now this came up:

After Effects error: unable to allocate space for a 1506 x 1920 image buffer. You may be experiencing fragmentation. In the Memory & Cache Preferences dialog box, try decreasing the Maximum RAM Cache Size value and selecting the Enable Disk Cache option, increasing Memory Usage, or both.

I decreased cache to 40% and enabled disk cache and raised memory usage to 90% but this error continues showing up.

Re: Riot Gear Texture Problems

PostPosted: 08/8/2008, 1:35 am
by Andrew Kramer
Try duplicating the layers instead of motion tiling them if you are doing a tutorial with that in it. Then search for the AE secret preference. Does it happen when you're working or rendering?