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Postby PEv45 on 08/2/2008, 3:01 am

Big improvement of u guys to add a forum.
I was wondering what held you back, but here it is, finally...
Sorry for posting it here, but as the next lines will elaborate, theres no room for suggestions yet so here goes: i would appreciate that my topic will not be deleted but you may move it to a proper subforum.

Every good forum has a "suggestions" Sub-Forum, as being a moderator on one of the worlds largest music communities its an essential forum to keep our visitors happy.

Think about it please:
fe. i cannot subscribe to posted topics of mine or else can i trace when a reply has been posted? check back every few hours? no thanks. please fix this major let-down php3bb has this feature.

In your FAQ of the forum is this line:
How do I subscribe to specific forums or topics?
To subscribe to a specific forum, click the “Subscribe forum” link upon entering the forum. To subscribe to a topic, reply to the topic with the subscribe checkbox checked or click the “Subscribe topic” link within the topic itself.

Also a few other FAQ items are not available on your board, i suggest to read over the FAQ and apply.

This is a constructive post so i really would enjoy it if you take this seriously.
Thank you.
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Re: Suggestions Forum

Postby Andrew Kramer on 08/2/2008, 9:14 am

Every good forum has a "suggestions"

This is a great forum :) We've added a new website discussion forum. We have disabled the subscribe feature for the time being while our mail server is configured.
Andrew Kramer
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