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At Full res, VC ORB's layers randomly disappear

PostPosted: 01/12/2019, 4:30 pm
by FoxTrotte
Hi everybody !

I am making a shot with an apocalyptic earth, using VC Orb. I followed Andrew Kramer's tutorial, so I have multiple Orb layers, for clouds, haze etc.

Everything works perfectly fine until I switch preview to full resolution. At full res, some of those layers start to randomly disappear or sometimes never appear at all. This is also true when rendering.
I tried rendering with AE's built-in renderer, and Media Encoder. Both fail.
I made a clean install of my graphics card's drivers, I cleared AE's cache, cleared RAM, nothing worked.

Here are my specs: 16gb of Ram, I5 4570 and R9 280.

Can somebody help me with this ? Maybe is there a way to make the comp 4k, and use the "half resolution" data for the render ?

I'm kind of running out of ideas actually. Thanks for reading !

Here are some videos showing what it looks like: