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Kens Flare Issue

PostPosted: 09/2/2018, 1:54 pm
by ani_jai
Dear Sir,

I am using Adobe After from some time. I am facing a strange problem When i apply Video Copilot > Lens Flare. It shows me a rectengular patch with lens. I tried changing mode to Add, Screen, But still problrm is as it is. It creates a rectangular boundary around the lens. Which is visible like a patch.

So kind;y help me out with the solution at earliest & oblidged ....

I am attaching the Screen Shot for your reference ...

Re: Kens Flare Issue

PostPosted: 09/10/2018, 6:39 am
by ctarv419
The layer you're applying the lens flare effect to doesn't fill the frame! The effect is only going to render to the bounds of the layer you apply it to. You should leave the layer the comp size and centered in the frame, then use the lens flare attributes in the effects panel to move the effect around.