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What computer does Andrew use?

PostPosted: 08/31/2017, 6:01 am
by krakensurf
Hi Andrew,

I tried getting a response from the hardware group. Nothing but trolls and irrelevant answers. I have one simple question:
What rig does Andrew Kramer use? I figure you aren't going to muck around with an inferior system (your time is way too precious). At this point, its not a matter of money. I'm running into a range of technical setbacks. I just want to make content and not chase my tail over this or that video card, hard-drive, mb, etc. Surely you and Sam have already crossed this hurdle and use the best equipment in the industry.


Re: What computer does Andrew use?

PostPosted: 09/1/2017, 4:42 am
by Guitarboy2828
If money isn't a problem for you, just hire someone else to build you a perfect computer for your needs?

If money is a concern, I'm pretty sure AK's setup will be top of the range and expensive.

Re: What computer does Andrew use?

PostPosted: 09/1/2017, 7:11 am
by JPT7505
Be careful, he's going to call you a troll for not answering his question while still trying to solve his problem.

Re: What computer does Andrew use?

PostPosted: 09/1/2017, 11:13 am
by krakensurf set an artificial criteria regarding the question I was asking. Its none of your business what I'm doing with the computer. This is an AE forum so I shouldn't have to explain I'm animating with AE. I plan on using every possible aspect of AE to its fullest capacity. Doesn't matter if I'm doing motion graphics, VFX, 3D elements, or C4D. You still don't have an answer for the question I pose, but you certainly have a lot of rhetoric.

IF you have nothing constructive to offer in terms of a solution, rather only interject your nonsense and annoying misdirect then you are by definition a troll.

Future responses...if you don't know what system AK is using, don't respond. Nobody wants to hear your snarky useless responses.

Re: What computer does Andrew use?

PostPosted: 09/1/2017, 1:19 pm
by JPT7505
It actually does matter if your using c4d as another person posted as they both use pc resources differently and even more so now since ae includes c4d lite. And some people just us ae for motion graphics, others do compositing or prefer nuke for compositing. It all matters.

So here are several pc manufacturers that can build you a great ae only pc to use to its fullest capacity or you can sit and wait until Andrew comes in and answers.

And if you speak with them, they will ask you what programs you use and how you use them to make sure they do what you need it to do with respect to your job requirements.