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Motion Design 2 Insall Error 1020

PostPosted: 05/7/2017, 12:26 pm
by chaseg
Hi All,

I have an email out to the support team about this but I have a deadline approaching and need assistance asap. Element stopped working on my machine, likely I moved something or removed something unintenionally. Either way, I deleted everything and began reinstalling everything. Element 3D, Optical Flares and other plug-ins are up and running no problem but Motion Design 2, Backlight and Pro Shaders 2 all give me an error when installing Error 1020 please contact support.

I need these two pretty badly at the moment and can not find any solid info about what error 1020 is. Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks All,

Re: Motion Design 2 Insall Error 1020

PostPosted: 10/29/2018, 2:40 pm
by PuschTV
Maybe its a bit to late to help you out there, but in case someone else runs into Error code: 1020.

I encounter the problem because my anti virus (bitdefender) is blocking a exe file, which is temporarily generated by the element3d installer.
This exe has somekind of random names but always starts with the combination "eca" should look like:
Some examples:
ace96ac.tmp.exe and so on

The Problem is as further more that my file protection (bitdefender) stops the installer. I get the Error code: 1020. Installer gives the only option to click "ok". After the "ok", the isntaller closes
Bitdefender and asks me if i want to trust "eca***.tmp.exe" so i add it to my trusted files.
Problem is, next time i start the installer, i get into to the same problem, as a new random named "eca***.tmp.exe" is pulled of.

Solution: Disable your Fileprodection
Question to Video Copilot: Is it really nessersary to generate those "eca***.tmp.exe" temporary exe files?