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Model Import with textures

Postby WarpSpeed on 04/3/2017, 1:30 pm


I've already asked this via email, so I apologize if I duplicate this here, but I'm still looking for help.

Basically, there are several instances when Element 3D does not read the MTL file when importing an OBJ which leaves the model white and without textures. That's no big deal when you're dealing with a dozen or so materials, but I'm trying to work with this fine free ISS model from NASA

I converted the .blend file to an OBJ in Blender with all the required settings (triangles, normals. UV mapping, materials, you name it) and extracted all textures as JPG from the file. It loads fine in Element 3D v2, but without textures (3DS Max does load the textures when importing the same OBJ and MTL file, btw). Since there are more than 1300 materials and 380 textures, mapping them by hand is a bit of a chore (especially since Element seems to re-sort materials every time I reload it after a change and does not let me order them alphabetically). When importing the OBj, the "load materials" options is not active; all textures (as JPGs) and the OBJ and MTL reside in the same directory.

I suspect that there might be a missing texture in there somewhere and maybe this trips Element up? In any case, how does Element 3D determine to "activate" the "load materials" option? What kind of errors grey that out? Is there any way to get an error message to debug this better?

I'm a software developer (though very new at 3D graphics), so I can parse the MTL file myself, but I need help to figure out the e3D file format for saving model presets - it doesn't seem to be this

I bought the Archmodels 165 collection (ruined buildings) and a model from Renderosity in OBJ format and there the import works more or less fine (give or take a missing texture here or there); but I can't really tell what difference in the MTL is responsible for that.

Any help or pointers into how to debug the whole issue would be greatly appreciated.

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