Optical Flares Crashed on Dual GPU Machine

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Optical Flares Crashed on Dual GPU Machine

Postby ssamydla on 03/2/2017, 11:43 am


Currently i'm moving project from MacBook Pro Retina with Intel Iris Pro to an HP Z800 with Dual GPU, Quadro 6000 6GB and Quadro 4000 2GB.
By the time i load the project it shows Optical Flares Debug windows as much as my Optical Flares Layer counts. and it shows nothing but black screen for the whole comp

It turns out that i checked the 'Use GPU' option on Optical Flares FX control when work on my MacBook Pro Intel Iris Pro.
So i tried to turn it off for all Optical Flares layers. And it works normally.

I'm on Windows 7, AE CC 2017. And NVIDIA Workstation option tab on NVIDIA Control Panel is enable since this is a workstation machine.
Both GPUs was set to 'Use for Graphics and Compute Needs' (if i choose 'Dedicated to Graphic tasks' AE won't detect it's CUDA and it was greyed out inside AE) and GPU ECC was OFF

Appreciate any thoughts.

Win 7 Pro
HP Z800 Dual Intel Xeon X5680 3.33GHz (x2)
Quadro 6000 6GB ---> Primary Display runs 30-inch Display 2560x1600 resolution
Quadro 4000 2GB ---> Not connected to any display
4TB of Internal SAS RAID
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System Specs: Build: Element x64 2.2.0 (2100)

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 6.1.7601

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz
RAM: 12171MB

GPU Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
GPU: Quadro 2000M/PCIe/SSE2
GPU Driver:
GPU Code: 0

CL0: Quadro 2000M (100.0%) (GL Interop)

Re: Optical Flares Crashed on Dual GPU Machine

Postby Farmfield on 03/3/2017, 4:57 am

Disable your secondary GPU and see if there's any difference - I don't think there will be and I seriously doubt AE or Element even can be affected by the presence of a second GPU - but it's something I'd try at least. But I think it's most likely to be the driver and/or - in a worst case scenario - the older hardware. Try a couple of older drivers, see if there's a difference.

If not, I'd say it's likely the hardware and if so, I'd suggest switch those cards for a single GTX1070 or GTX1080 (*), it'll be way faster than the two Quadro GPUs in everything except huge polycount scenes in Maya Viewport 2 and perhaps Blender... Max, C4D, Houdini, AE, all use DX nowadays, so you don't get better performance with Quadro's and I seriously doubt you do in Premiere, etc, either - unless Adobe purposefully capped something for the GTX cards...

(* selling the Quadro 6000 + 4000 GPUs on Ebay would yield enough to cover the purchase of a GTX1070 - maybe even a GTX1080)
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