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re-download of all VC purchased products

PostPosted: 05/3/2016, 7:40 pm
by Cutterone

So, I'm using AE CC2015, I use a lot of VC products for the stuff I do (OF, E3d, etc). Tonight when trying to open C4d in AE I got an error message, the folks at Adobe are telling me that I have to uninstall AE, reinstall, stop the installation at 90%, then go to a link they gave me to download and install the current update to AE (ridiculous since it was their update that seems to have screwed up C4d).

Anyway, my question is: IF I do this, I will obviously have to re-install all of my VC products. Is there a proper set of steps I need to take to make sure everything will work fine. In other words, to I have to de-activate anything first so that I can re-download/install afterwards?


Re: re-download of all VC purchased products

PostPosted: 05/4/2016, 4:00 am
by plae57
Stop the installation at 90% and click a link? That sounds fishy to me, are you sure you were speaking with Adobe?

Re: re-download of all VC purchased products

PostPosted: 05/5/2016, 9:42 am
by Cutterone
Hey guys,

Just wanted to share an update on this.

Yes, the method Adobe told me to use does work. So, I figure I'll share it here in case others may need it.

1. Uninstall AE CC 2015 from the Creative Cloud app (ie; open creative cloud, under installed apps look for AE, click the little drop down menu and click "uninstall")

NOTE* Prior to doing this I made copies of all of my VC .aex plugin files and the 3d pre-compose script....just in case.

2. After uninstall is complete, refresh the creative cloud app and then search for the AE icon, it will say "Install" next to it.

3. Click "Install" to begin re-installing AE, as the progress bar moves wait till it shows "90%", when it does click the "x" next to it to "cancel"(stop) the installation.

4. Open AE, you should see that you have version 13.5 at this point.

5. Go to the link Adobe provided me with above and download the latest update (13.7). NOTE* You do not have to download all the updates, just the latest one.

6. Extract the .zip file for the update, then run the AEupdatesetup.exe file. (this will install the latest update)

7. Open AE and you should see that you now have version 13.7. All is well with the world!!!!

NOTE* I did not have to re-install any of the VC products that I've already purchased. Checking the effects panel all of my VC products where there and are working normally (E3d, OptFl, Heat Distortion, etc.)

This worked for me and fixed the C4d crash I was getting.

Just figured I'd share.