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Occluding Saber Mask Properly

PostPosted: 03/28/2016, 5:06 am
by orionz
I'm trying to figure out a simple way to occlude a Layer Masks core type driven Saber effect, similar to how it's possible via Saber core type.
Andrew shows a simple way when using the saber core type, by just creating a subtracting mask and setting up the Alpha Mode.

When doing that with Layer Masks, things get a little more complicated.
Saber recognizes the subtracted mask as it's own shape and traces it no matter what mode it's set in. Be it an outer trace, inner, whatever the options are.

I'm trying to achieve that natural lightwrap that occurs perfectly when using a Saber core type for instance. Without it it's VERY hard to fake proper light leaks even with a lightwrap effect. Results are just not the same.

Does anyone have any ideas?