Time offset in E3D viewport

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Time offset in E3D viewport

Postby FlowS on 11/3/2015, 6:55 am

I saw that time-offset in E3D's viewport still not work correctly.
Indeed, if you make a time offset of 10 frames on an OBJ sequence of 50 total frames, once back to After effects timeline, there are sevral issues :
-From frame 0 to 9 of the timeline, E3D read the 10 last frames of the OBJ sequence (so F40 to F50), and only after that, at frame 10 of the timeline, it start to play the frame 0 of the OBJ as he does.
-And at frame 50 of the timeline, the reading start again to frame 0 of the OBJ or Freez on the frame 40 depending on what you choose in "bake animation" parameters. So the animation can't be read entirly.

This is a real issue, because if you have to import 10 pre-computed animations, with 10 differents time-offset, you need to creates 10 different groups to have the ability to use the time-offset parameters of the groups.
That make things really complicate and huge to manage.

Is that will be corrected on further patches ?
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