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Camera Focus distance key framing not affecting element 3d

PostPosted: 01/21/2015, 3:15 am
by kyle_sa

Apologies if I've missed any forum protocol or whatnot but I'm in a hurry to finish a project and don't have much time to mess around.

I have an E3D v2 project which has an extruded text as a custom layer as well as a torus on a different group.

I have a camera right up close to the text and I need to rack focus from the furtherest point of the text to the nearest.

When I keyframe the camera's focus distance (while having the E3D layer's DOF set to "focus indicator"), the focus only remains at the value the last keyframe I make, but doesn't animate between values at all.

Say I make keyframe 1's focus distance of 10 pixels, and the next keyframe focus distance of 50 pixels, the focus indicator does not shift. Even if I try from 0 - 1000 ... the focus indicator does not move.

Things I've tried:
+ adding a random flat text layer, enabling 3D on it - the focus will animate on that layer, but not on my E3D layer.
+ starting a new project and importing this project and working on that comp, error persists
+ making several new comps and copy pasting the layers in
+ creating new cameras, using different focal lengths

Never had this problem before, what am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Camera Focus distance key framing not affecting element 3d

PostPosted: 01/21/2015, 9:28 am
by kyle_sa
Ok well I sorted it out, I have no idea why this happened but for future reference here's how I fixed it.

Saved Bevel preset in E3D
Created new solid and applied E3D, set custom layer to the text layer
Opened E3D and extruded the text, applied bevel preset
Camera focus distance now affects E3D.

No idea why my previous layer was not being affected by camera focus distance, I checked layer switches etc and nothing was different.