Youtube and Cotent ID Match Notifications: Pro Scores

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Youtube and Cotent ID Match Notifications: Pro Scores

Postby Andrew Kramer on 12/13/2013, 11:51 am

If you receive a notification of content flag for Pro Scores on your Youtube channel or video, please email support and we can fix this issue ASAP. Just let us know your channel name and we will add it to the ID match system, no questions asked. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why we are doing this:
Several months ago, another company registered our music collection for Pro Scores and began to claim it illegally through the Content ID system. This caused our customers to receive warnings about content matching on their Youtube videos, even though we never pursued any claims.

We contacted the music company that was making false claims on our music and hired an attorney to resolve the problem. We sent letters to Youtube but the whole system is automated and no one would do anything. The DMCA act does very little to protect content rights holders from other content rights holders when they make false claims.

The main problem is that our customers were getting notices but WE couldn't help because someone else claimed the rights first.

Finally our lawyer was able to transfer the rights back over to us. This was the only way we could stop other companies from false claims. This was needed to enable our own customers who purchased stuff from us.

This is not the way we would like to do it but the system is very tricky to maneuver.

Our Simple Solution:
Finally, it is important that these claims don't cause problems for our customers so if you receive a claim please email us your channel and we will clear the videos on your channel. You do not need to provide an order number or proof of purchase, just let us know and we will approve it. Period!

If we could approve all of our music, we would, but this is the only way to stop other companies from falsely taking control and sending notices. We are confident that Youtube will look into this wider issue of blanket content ID notices and hope to have a broader resolution in the future.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.
Andrew Kramer
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Re: Youtube and Cotent ID Match Notifications: Pro Scores

Postby mguk123 on 04/12/2017, 1:33 pm

I ran into this problem but the support from VideoCopilot was outstanding. Thanks for resolving minor problems so promptly, within minutes the spurious claims were released and I highly recommend Pro Scores and the support provided to others.
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