Need opinions on this Portrait Design

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Need opinions on this Portrait Design

Postby ZopstaLobsta on 11/30/2012, 1:26 pm

Hey Guys,

Recently I've been so busy at work with animation design for B2B companies that I have not had a chance to jump back into Photoshop and have fun with photo-manipulation/design. Last night I got home and decided to pull up some of my old production shots and wanted to mess around with portrait manipulation in more of a design sense than actual manipulation.

What do you guys think? I kind of would like to slice it up more but I'm afraid It will degrade the content to where it's unrecognizable. I also wanted to add some more dust/particles and color grade it a bit more but I was limited on time. Let me know if you guys think this is something that could be portfolio worthy or if I should go back to the drawing board with a different concept.

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Re: Need opinions on this Portrait Design

Postby jsn951 on 12/4/2012, 10:27 pm

I would recommend a new concept. Your image is great but there is an abundance of this kind of work. You should try to keep your portfolio stuffed with projects that stand out because of their uniqueness and complexity. ;)
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Re: Need opinions on this Portrait Design

Postby whattheydontsay on 12/30/2012, 11:19 am

The elongated neck throws me off but other than that this portrait is great. Nice color scheme and layer splitting without becoming too overbearing or confusing. Good model (although I wondered if her headwrap was leopard-print). Check out ISO50 for some ideas on how to push this further by adding in new geometric elements. Might not be your style but it's worth checking out his work.

In regards to it being overused: Sure, in the niche design community this is a current trend but the general public is totally unaware of anything outside an advertising campaign. I'd argue that there's even a place for tilt-shift in portfolios regardless of how overused that became last year. As long as it's done well it deserves its place.
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Re: Need opinions on this Portrait Design

Postby RickAllenMedia on 03/20/2013, 11:44 pm

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