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pixelation desintigration

Postby spurLING on 05/12/2012, 10:11 am

hey guys i was wondering how i would go about making a "pixel desintigration" almost as if the object was being turned into pixel, i made this photo (below) but i was hand done with the eraser too and although it is kinda what i waas going for , i think it could be better, any suggestions?
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Re: pixelation desintigration

Postby SThompsonRAMM on 05/13/2012, 5:28 pm

Hi Spirling,
I've done this before using a grid (make your own or download one) where you have your grid on one layer, select it with the wand tool, go to your image layer (while the grid is selected) and copy and paste. You can warp your grid to match your subject. It's time consuming for sure.
There are many tutorials out there. Just type in "Photoshop Disintegration" and you'll find some that cover exactly what you're looking for.
I prefer this way of doing it. It's fast and easy. Personally, I like the randomness doing it this way looks.
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