This is driving me insane (Wireframe head)

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This is driving me insane (Wireframe head)

Postby Hardisk on 04/17/2012, 2:25 pm

I tried for a couple hours to get this effect in Photoshop : ... eframe.jpg

I have a picture of one of my friend facing the camera .

I want to replace his face by a green "wireframe mask" a bit like the one I linked with an impression of depth .

I keep playing around and trying things and failing and it's awfull, I could really use some advice, thanks !
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Re: This is driving me insane (Wireframe head)

Postby AlekB on 04/18/2012, 7:22 am

Well that image you linked is a 3d render of a wireframe face. Idk how you would do this in Photoshop except.... well you could try paths and trace his face by hand with bezier curves.
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Re: This is driving me insane (Wireframe head)

Postby Hardisk on 04/19/2012, 8:50 am

Hey man !

So since I ended up finding a solution I figured I would come back and explain it for everyone to know.

The technique I used is a mix of a Google's tutorial about exporting Photoshop shape's in an Illustrator file into Cinema4D and a couple of personal tweaks.

So I took my original picture and drew masks around the shapes with the pen tool, exported the patch to an Illustrator file and opened it in Cinema4D

In C4D, use an Extruder on all the Splines created, then in the render settings use the "Cel Render" and cÌoose the color as you wish.

However, since I wanted to have a green wireframe to composite on a black background (so I needed alpha in my case) , the render had a weird issue where it was "eating" a couple lines.

So I set the background color to a deep blue , rendered a 4K Image and opened it up in After Effects.

In AE, I keyed out the Blue and since the green lost a little bit of it shapes, I used a Tint effect and tinted the black and white to the same green colour.

Hope it can help someone else.
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