Matte painting format and size

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Matte painting format and size

Postby danishdesign on 04/3/2012, 11:32 am

Hi Guys:-)
I would like to ask you who are experienced with matte paintings for video for web/television, what are the requirements in terms of format on matte paintings? What is the right size (height/width), pixels and dpi on matte paintings? so there are enough data in the painting that gives it a high quality look?
I look forward hearing from you - and if you are a matte painter I would like to hear from you too, because I have a need for 10-15 drawings. Thanks:-)
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Re: Matte painting format and size

Postby rholguin on 04/5/2012, 1:39 pm

Greetings. Usually when working on matte paintings we work in doubled the size of the final resolution. For example if the final output is going to be 2k, we generally work in 4k and in some cases even larger depending on the type of matte painting. It's just always a good idea to matte paint in a higher resolution because you can always scale down, if you have to scale up you might as well do the painting over because you'll be able to see it in the final output.

Sometime we have to deal with different codecs, 8bit vs 16bit vs 32bit, color space...all the technical stuff, that's where awesome compositors come in to take care of you if you mess up with the technicals. That's all based on the client though, how they chose to deal with their footage.

Do a search for aspect ratios, you'll find the dimensions that we use in film and television. Dimensions for web, well that's pretty much whatever you decide. Web video is all about the art of compression really.

dpi isn't a factor as that's related more to print than video.

Hope this helps ya!

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