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How do you make Website Text look?

PostPosted: 04/9/2020, 4:15 pm
by varxtis
I am working on a mock-up for a website presentation project. Basically a website pan, with site features highlights.
I'm try to get text to look the way it does when you take a screen cap and really zoom in. The lower text in this image is what Im going for (!AuNTUWNnrigKg84f0jySqTLlIZq7YQ?e=FcGWY7). I have tried playing with noise filters, with no success. I've also tried making two copies of the text, put the copies behind the text, made one copy red/orange, the other blue, and then move each copy to the side by one or two pixels. No success. And both instances made the font look a lot thicker and bold somehow. I also played around with opacity and overlay settings, but I'm still just not achieving it. Im going to need to make this effect when I carry it over to start the After Effect aspect of it, which im gonna assume will require a different approach. But Im hoping once I know how to do it in Photoshop, I'll have an Idea on how to do it in After Effects.
I have tried looking through various sites and forums before posting, but All I come across is related to font and text formatting when making a website.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Any feedback will be deeply appreciated.