GPU isn't being used while editing in Photoshop

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GPU isn't being used while editing in Photoshop

Postby scottkane on 10/26/2016, 7:05 am

Hi there. I posted on Adobe forums too but no luck, hope any guru of Photoshop here can help me.

Lately I am experiencing slow performance on Photoshop CC 2015,5
While I found out my graphics card ( GeForce GTX 960 ) 2 GB, isn't the best option
I noticed that my GPU clock speed (tested with GPU Id, or MSI Afterburner)
Isn't increasing while I move objects or add layer styles etc
It has a floating GPU Clock, meaning that it can go to 135Mhz when not beeing used, and 1400 MHz when used. And it stays to the lowest value.

So I ask any of you experts who know how to help me on this.
Is this correct? The GPU clock isn't increasing when working in Photoshop? when for example moving large groups with many Layers and L.styles etc?

Maybe you can help me out!

Thanks so much!
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