Alternative for the old Photoshop "Pattern Maker"

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Alternative for the old Photoshop "Pattern Maker"

Postby Laserschwert on 01/30/2014, 4:17 am

Now with Adobe CC in place, the earliest version of Photoshop to download is CS6, and since its "Pattern Maker" filter was only available up to CS5, I'm really missing this feature. Is there any program that does something similar, i.e. slicing an image into little pieces and rearranging them into an arbitrary sized seamless texture?
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Re: Alternative for the old Photoshop "Pattern Maker"

Postby Inline123 on 05/3/2014, 1:32 am

What operating system are you using?

Do you have the extended version of photoshop cs6?

There are quite a few third party plugins for making patterns and several ways to make patterns in photoshop cs6 without any plugins.

Also, have you looked at the Scripted Patterns in the Edit>Fill dialog? ... sInPhotosh op.html
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