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a much clever follow path

Postby ricciofix on 10/3/2017, 1:44 am

Hi, I'd like to make follow path clever on AE, now the only thing I know u can do is to draw a path as a mask or as a shape layer, copy the property "path" and paste it on the "position" of the object i want to move on the path.
I notice that is better to create a shape layer and copy the path instead of making a mask, when u copy a mask path on position everything shift, instead if you copy the path from a shape layer it seems to work perfectly.
Anyway I don't like this workflow because if a change the path I have to copy and paste it again, I'd like to make this process dinamic, so I was wondering if it's possible to:
-make a path on a shape layer
-add trim path
-link the position of the object I want to move to the end of trim path

In this case I could make all the change I want to the path and check is movement instantly.

Is it a good idea or not? Let me know...if yes, how to do it? :D :D :D
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