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Sporadic movement expression

PostPosted: 11/9/2016, 11:10 am
by jimbo262
Hi lovely people!

I have an issue whereby I'd like to create a random set of lines on various planes using Particular with light emitters. That would be simple, except I'd like them to sporadically change to a slightly different path. The effect would be similar to a circuit board line, where each line would go straight, move off in a close to 45 degree motion, and continue straight, ad infinitum. The result being that a set of these lights, each with random movement following the same rules, would build up something resembling (more or less) a simple circuit board.
Wiggle obviously won't do this as it is too random and provides no straight line sections, and animating by hand will be very time consuming.

As ever, your help is hugely appreciated.


Re: Sporadic movement expression

PostPosted: 11/11/2016, 8:46 am
by Mylenium
Perfectly possible, but lots of code, so you shouldn't expect anyone to work it out for you unless they really have too much time on their hand. Sounds like you really should plead to Andrew to release his circuitry plug-in to the public. Otherwise perhaps you should read up on how to use copy&paste of masks to motion paths and Illustrator paths and back and set it up accordingly by actually drawing your paths.


Re: Sporadic movement expression

PostPosted: 11/5/2019, 3:42 pm
by nubbyninja
Hey! Actually this is very achievable.

Attach a flare to a null, then have the null follow a path.
You can use the CircuitFX plugin to generate the paths but they should be easy enough to trace/draw.

After that you can tell multiple optical flares instances to follow individual paths you've split among shape layers.
OR parent to each path's transform position.

If you need actual lights you can parent them to the paths the same way. You don't need a ton of code for what it sounds like you're trying to achieve. Just takes time to draw it all out and parent layers.

Then just write code and paste to all layers. An if statement could do it. If transparent (opacity=0) randomize the position and clamp. Should be simple enough.