Importing 3D Models Packs into 3Ds Max?

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Importing 3D Models Packs into 3Ds Max?

Postby seanr17 on 07/25/2012, 3:02 pm


Unfortunately I am unable to run element through After Effects because of a graphics card issue. I figured I could import some of the models into 3ds Max and check them out, but I'm not as familiar with the program though. When I import one of the .obj models they come in as white, with no textures. I'm assuming that is how they are supposed to come in on import, but my main question is how to get the material on the object, because I don't see any materials anywhere. I have a folder called "alternate materials" with jpgs, that I can add, but I don't know how to get the original materials or where they are. Any help is appreciated. thanks!

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