Element location for models

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Element location for models

Postby fukes on 07/24/2012, 8:36 pm


Just wondered if Element can look at an alternative location for models etc.

I have a stack of my own and would like direct access to them for pre-viz projects. Only problem is looks like I have to have them on my C: drive which is an SSD drive of which I have only 5Gb left. My models and textures come to around 10gb+

I know I can just load them in but would be great to have them available directly in the built in browser!

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Re: Element location for models

Postby dqhoward on 07/25/2012, 4:10 am

On a Windows level you can move the entire My Documents folder to another (local HD) drive
Although obviously it will be slower, this is recommended practice since it stops the numerous writes that will happen to your SSD, which will decrease its lifespan.
[it maybe that expected number of writes these days is much higher and hence not such an issue..no idea]
And of course you'll get much more space.

To do this, open Windows Exlporer. In Libraries, open Documents and right click on My Documents
Select properties, move to location tab, and select new location and click Move

Should probably do this for all MyXXX folders under Libraries

Similarly move the swap partition to HDD, or disable it. I have 32gb of Ram (its so damn cheap and i had 8 slots on my motherboard), so I disabled it completely.

Dont take my word for it of course. surf about...

But yes it would be nice if you could specify a location under Preferences
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Re: Element location for models

Postby fukes on 07/25/2012, 5:06 am

Thanks mate... that helped - would be nice if that was in the preferences though ;)
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