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Issues with particle look/size

PostPosted: 07/23/2012, 9:26 am
by mdharrington
I am doing an animation with 5 groups in a straight line...down x
all of them work fine except group 3

its position x would numerically update until fine but at about 10,000 pixels x the element itself would freeze...even though the numeric position would update fine

i could not get it to work at all and sometimes it would jump to it's numeric position for 1 frame then back to it's frozen position the next
i traced the problem to particle size....all other objects were size 10 while this i had set to 20...that was the only thing that fixed it...i had purged memory restarted...ect ect...but changing the size back to default 10 fixed this issue

I am on a laptop with an ati 6850...i believe this is a bug at least with this GPU..should be looked into