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Flip Polygons

Postby CCRider on 07/23/2012, 6:20 am

Is there a way to flip the polygons on an object within the plugin? I drew a shape with the mask tool that is just the way it needs to be, but when the plugin extrudes the object it is rendered inside-out. I've tried playing with the mask tools to try and trick the plug-in in to rendering the way I would like it to, but nothing makes any difference. Essentially, the object is built from two masks... a large circular mask, with a second smaller slightly more intricate mask used to cut out the middle so I'm left with a ring.

In the scene setup, with no bevel or extrude applied to the shape, it looks correct. But as soon as bevel or extrude is applied the shape is inside-out.

Any ideas?

I can post a screen-shot later... gotta run to a meeting.

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