Problem with letters from masked layer

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Problem with letters from masked layer

Postby sebasvideo on 07/22/2012, 8:39 am

I'm at home trying to do something nice with the logo of the company I work for to try to convince them of buying Element 3D. But I'm having a problem with the inside of letters that are in the logo, they are not beveled.

As I set the custom layer in Element and then open the custom GUI, the holes in the letters don't even have an inner surface for the extrusion, when I move the logo around I can't see any extrusion inside the holes, I can see extrusion for outer parts of the characters. So I have to enable "Draw Backfaces" in the material.

However, after this I can see the extrusion drawn from the holes of the letters e, d and a, but the holes are not beveled. I have tried everything I can think of in the Extrusion model and the material properties, but nothing seems to help.

Any ideas?
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