Objects rotating around a head?

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Objects rotating around a head?

Postby sebasvideo on 07/21/2012, 12:53 pm

I wonder if it's possible to achieve this with E3D. Given that objects from plugins like E3D are not really in the After Effects 3D environment but rather simulated (which I understand is a limitation of AE itself), the only way to have different objects maintain their real place in a 3D space is to have 5 different objects assigned each to one group, then move the objects inside each group so they are not all occupying the same space, and then the camera can be rotated around them and the objects would keep their proper place in a 3D space. If each object was a different layer, when the camera starts moving around them, the 3D space would become a visual mess since the stacking order of layers in the timeline would take priority over the placement of objects. In other words, objects that are supposed to be far away and hidden behind a closer object would be smaller, but still in front of the closer object. Obviously this is far different from the behaviour that you would get if the objects were each one real 3D layer, but then you wouldn't be able to do all the great things you can with Element.

So my project is to be able to film myself in front of a green screen to key out the background and then have objects from E3D floating around my head, which would be very easy to do if all I wanted were separate 3D layers, but in that case all I could get with AE would be flat layers moving in a 3D space, not 3D objects that show all sides of them.

I'm trying to squeeze my brain trying to come up with a way to do this and I would appreciate any ideas. The only thing I can come up with is four objects that are placed around a center object, and the camera rotates around them 360 degrees. I could make the objects rotate but that would be far more time consuming. The problem is that any of those five objects in a group has to be a 3D object, it can't be footage.

Another question related to this, is there a way to have more than 5 objects (I'm talking about unique objects, not replicated within each group) being part of the same 3D space that will allow me to move the camera around them without seeing the limitations I talked about at the beginning of this post? What I mean is, if I set one object per group and then move each object to a separate space, then I can move the camera 360 degrees around them and they keep their proper order in the Z axis, but that limits me to 5 objects. Adding another instance of E3D to the same layer turns off the first instance. So I would have to create another solid to apply E3D to, but still the stacking order of layers would prevail and I would get some visual mess eventually. Is there a workaround to overcome this limitation?
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Re: Objects rotating around a head?

Postby TomPietrowski on 07/21/2012, 1:07 pm

There is a zdepth output for the first thing you want to do, or you could just roto out the objects.

Im not quite understanding your second question though.
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Re: Objects rotating around a head?

Postby pedrostamales on 07/21/2012, 2:05 pm

For your second question: I'm not real sure what you're asking but you can kind of fake having more than 5 unique objects by assigning multiple unique objects to the same group, and then using the replicator to change the number of objects replicated. you could theoretically have a whole lot of unique objects by doing this.
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Re: Objects rotating around a head?

Postby dqhoward on 07/21/2012, 3:13 pm

Hehe objects rotating around a head?

For more info see this topic
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