Transparency fog? (Is it possible?)

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Transparency fog? (Is it possible?)

Postby wertyuil1 on 07/21/2012, 12:29 am

What I mean is, can you gradually adjust the objects transparency (unseeable very far from camera - 100% opacity near camera) using the fog renderer in Element?
And if not, would it be possible to implement this feature in an update?
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Re: Transparency fog? (Is it possible?)

Postby candymanjl on 07/21/2012, 11:11 am

You can adjust the fog opacity (density), the start distance, and range under the fog render settings. Between those settings you can make things fall off into the distance.

There's also the camera far plane cutoff but it's kinda harsh. Maybe with depth of field turned up it would blur out and do what you're looking for.
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