Accurate/easy positioning in 3D composition

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Accurate/easy positioning in 3D composition

Postby rporteous on 07/19/2012, 6:36 pm


I might be missing something obvious but as far as I can tell it's quite difficult to accurately position your model correctly in 3D space. Where normally you'd use the 4 view set up to move your objects around in 3D space — using the top, front, right viewports etc — Element objects simply repeat the same image from the camera's view across all 4. So, 2 questions...

1) Is there an easy solution to accurate position in Element? It could very well be that I'm being stupid and haven't figured it out... It seems like something very simple that should be included.

(FYI I temporarily made a very clumsy work-around which was to create new cameras for top/side views, turn on the view I want and then switch the main viewport to my new custom 'top' camera, which After Effects recognises).

2) Is there a way to make Element objects intersect other 3D objects? At the moment it seems that Element objects always stay on top, which makes positioning in the custom viewport very difficult.

(Current example, I'm positioning a car on a road. The car layer is above the road, but if difficult to make it sit accurately on top from the custom viewport because I can't see when it starts to go 'underneath' the road layer — it simply keeps dropping in y-space while staying visible, or 'on top').

Apologies if these are rambling or unclear, and thanks in advance.
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