Scale issues with Animation - HELP!!!

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Scale issues with Animation - HELP!!!

Postby geefx on 07/19/2012, 2:00 pm

Hey guys,

Is there a way to switch off the default scaling when animating between 2 objects using the Animation Engine..?

I currently have "rock_01" in Group 1 and "rock_02" in Group 2 (both rocks are from the "Starter_pack" - I've left all the settings within the Groups as default - switched on the Animation Engine then keyframed the Animation from 0 to 100%.

What happens by default is rock 1 shrinks a bit and then rock 2 grows out of it and rock 1 disappears into it - however all I want to happen rock 1 becomes rock 2 without any shrinkage...

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I've tried the scale settings in the Time Delay menu, but that doesn't help.

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Re: Scale issues with Animation - HELP!!!

Postby JayDee on 07/19/2012, 3:10 pm

From the E3D-Help: ... ion-engine

If 2 separate models are used like a Cherry and a grenade, the objects will “Cross-scale”

The same does happen with to different extrudes text-layers. The objects must be identical in order to animate. Maybe they will implement something in Version 2? We will see.
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Re: Scale issues with Animation - HELP!!!

Postby TomPietrowski on 07/19/2012, 5:56 pm

there is a work around for this.

Have one element layer with the first model, then have the same model in group 2 but force the transparency on group 2, so its invisable.

Animate so group 1 animates to group 2.

Copy the element layer and change the objects to the second object. This time though have the transparent object on group 1 and the normal textured object on group 2.

That method works, its not great but it will let you achieve what you want to do.
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