Problem with a model ... HMMM

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Problem with a model ... HMMM

Postby xtimedt69 on 07/19/2012, 11:07 am

I purchased a model of an iPhone 4s for a project and imported the c4d version of the model. I add the textures to the model, but am having two puzzling problems.

1 - There is no texture for the front of the phone. If I simply add a material using one of the shiny black colors it looks pretty good, but the round square on the home button is not there. So, I created a .jpg to use for the front of the phone with the home button. When it loads, the home button image loads behind the actual bitton indentation on the phone, even though the home button is part of the from face on the model. I have found a work around, I used one of the primitives ad disc and added the home button to texture to that, sized it and positioned it correctly on the model and it works pretty good, but I have to use the worl transfomr options to animate the parts together. Be nice if you could tie two models together.

2 - I am forced to use a desktop workstation running Windows 7 and a MacBook Pro, then I run AE under Win7 on Parallels desktop in order to use my licensed copy of Adobe Suite. If I texture the model on the workstation it will not load on the MacBook Pro, If I texture the model on the Mac it won't show on the workstation, so I have had to texture seperate versions, but I am concerned if I have to use the model in a portable project from one computer to the other.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

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