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Update Requests

Postby Thallis on 07/18/2012, 6:04 am


First thanks a million for this plugin . But I'm sure you know you did a good job.

But i have a request - to put up an topic where we could post what we would like to be added as we explore the plug-in. I know you did a lot of working and testing to make this plug-in as fast as possible , also in the workflow - And it is . But now you have like a, i don't know how many purchases you got but i could imagine a lot , testers out there working and exploring in this plug-in. And we might have some suggestions of what could be great adding to this plugin to make it even faster , better and cooler and freaking awesome :D

Well i have 2 suggestions here to start with

In the Scene Editor Preview it could be nice ( for us working on tablets ) to be able to hold Shift (for example) and drag the pen to zoom in and out. A bit quicker than moving your hand to the wheel at the tablet. :)
Another little thing is to put a Constrain Proportions "Chain" at the UV Repeat scale, i mean that in most cases you wouldn't stretch the texture .

Well thanks a lot and hope that you for fill my wishes :D

- Ville
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