Request .. for element and materials editor

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Request .. for element and materials editor

Postby peewee69 on 07/18/2012, 3:11 am


As a new user of element 3d with obj and 3dsmax workflow, I want to express my grateful for this great plugin, its a must have ..

My request: After a few tests with the product, I found in my workflow that I have to import the object, for 3 o 4 times, after any modification in 3dsmax, it can be possible any method to save the materials that are really configured in element (with maps and textures), I mean the scene materials, for one object to aply this materials modifications to other similar object with the same uvs imported, (I think there is no method for this .. it can be possible to implement this?), "save materials of the scene".

Thanks in advance.
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