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Future features - Wish list

Postby lightbox on 07/18/2012, 2:04 am

Hi gang,

Element 3D is really awesome and lots of fun to play with. But as you know, you can always improve a product. I thought I'll share my personal feature requests for future versions of this fantastic plugin:

1. Shadows
Not much to say in this regard. While casting shadows on non-Element layers might be a difficult task, I think shadows right within Element 3D should be possible to achieve. One particle casts shadow(s) on other existing particles. Even intra-model shadows shouldn't be to hard to do. :)

2. Displacement Maps
Wow, this would be a major improvement, since this makes it very easy to escape from the plain surfaces without extreme polygon-count in your models. Bump/Normal Mapping is very nice, but it won't change the model look itself. Displacement mapping gives the extra bit of realism. OpenGL supports displacement mapping, so I imagine this could be done in a v2.0 of Element3D.

3. *.epack
although I think you created the *.epack container to secure your products' content, I would like to see a way to open this up somehow to 3rd party content creators willing to provide more content for Element 3D users. No matter if it's additional shader packs or model packs. This would really help to create some bigger environment around this fantastic plugin.
I'm not asking for any way to open (unpack) existing epacks. I'm asking for means to create new ones from custom content. Any thoughts?

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