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Element 3D Model Bundles

Postby DMKMedia on 07/17/2012, 2:57 pm

Is there any Element 3D Model BUndles for those who already haver element 3D
Or do we have to buy them one at a time

i bought my elements 3d last week now want to add to it

couldn't afford it last week :o
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Re: Element 3D Model Bundles

Postby JayDee on 07/17/2012, 3:51 pm

I guess probably not, becuase this is the meaning of bundles :)

But I would join to this question, maybe this might be a suggestion for the future. Currently I bought E3D and the shaders an for the time being I have to learn enough. But there might come the time, where I could need some more models. I hope so :)
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Re: Element 3D Model Bundles

Postby Steve39 on 07/18/2012, 1:34 am

I asked this question earlier in the week and Andrew told me to contact support and they would help (I have the 3D Design Bundle).

What they suggested is that I purchase all the remaining model packs ($500) and then they would adjust the pricing (refund $250). Unfortunately I don't have $500 left on my credit card yet so hopefully I can still do this after I've been paid.

Your first port of call though is contact support and make sure they're ok with doing this for you before you buy $500 worth of model packs ;)
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