Two Element-Layers together

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Two Element-Layers together

Postby JayDee on 07/17/2012, 5:28 am

Hi VC-Community,

yesterday evening I tried to let a nice white sphere collide with a black cube. And both Objects should be shattered then.

So I made one Element-Instance with the sphere, shatter with Animation from Group 1 to 2.
And the same with another Element-Instance with the cube.

It works. More or less. While rotating a camera, one object was always in front of the other. Let's say I can choose whether the Sphere should "win" or the Cube. Same problem with the shattered pieces, but not as obviously. Of course we can avoid this effect by taking care of what the camera shows.

But I'm interested in a solution where the Objects don't overlap each other. Because there is just one Animating-Section I believe this would something for E3D Version 2?
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