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a question about texturing

PostPosted: 07/17/2012, 12:40 am
by Eyalster
I've import an OBJ model to element. it have its own texture map (jpg file).
inside of element it have only 1 material (with the texture map attached), but I can activate the multi-object option, and I can see that my model have 5 different parts.

Can I attach a different texture to the different parts?
Can I "break" the model inside element? so i'll have accessibility to the multi object parts?

Re: a question about texturing

PostPosted: 07/17/2012, 12:46 am
by Christiaan76
Yes, you can use more textures on different parts.
Zoom in in the preview window and drag your own made and saved texture on that part.
Or you can drag it to the parts in the list at the right (Scene list).

Hope this works for you. Good luck.

Re: a question about texturing

PostPosted: 07/17/2012, 1:50 am
by Eyalster
Thanx Christiaan 76, But it's not exactly what I meant.

The thing is that I have a model with 1 materiel (1 part)

When I switch on the multi object option, I can scatter (or rotate) 5 different parts of that model.
but I cant texture them Independently because in the "scene set up" The model appears as just 1 object.

can this 1 object model be break into the 5 different pieces that i see in the multi object option?