Wondering about SLI/Crossfire

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Wondering about SLI/Crossfire

Postby BEETHREE on 07/14/2012, 10:06 am

O.K., so I play games and also currently have the Master Collection because I love adobe and I do this stuff for work. But in order to do it on my personal computer I stick to higher end gaming graphics cards. I recently built a new computer and decided that AMD Radeon was the way I wanted to go with their architecture which just seemed to be in the direction I am, and so I bought 2 Radeon 7970's.

For MOST things, I realize that having those with an intel 3930K and 32 gigs of RAM was sort of overkill for what I do on a normal basis, but I picked the processor for Adobe, and the cards for gaming like BF3, and because I didn't want to upgrade anytime soon.

My question (though it might not even be needed) is I know that a 7970 might be great by itself, but let's just say I do get into more complex things in AE, with element, does it utilize a second card? Or just the one?
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