Trying to understand importing models

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Trying to understand importing models

Postby sebasvideo on 07/14/2012, 5:40 am

Since I bought E3D last night I've been doing this: ||-< . No seriously, amazing plugin, but it needs a manual urgent. Since I'm totally new to the 3D design world (and I know this is not a modeling program, but it does some kind of 3D design anyway), I'm not familiar with all the terms and workflows. I don't have Cinema 4D or any other modeling program, so I've been trying to find a decent looking version of the Star Trek USS Enterprise for a personal project.

There are many of them all over the web, so after looking at all the free ones I ended up with a model from that comes in obj format with a "textures" folder and jpegs inside. As imported, the starship looks white with some basic lighting. From another thread in this forum I gathered that the way to load those textures is to go into each material, click on "none set" in the diffuse property in the textures panel, and load the jpeg in the next dialog. Now, this model in particular seems kind of difficult to work with because there doesn't seem to be a jpeg for each material name, for example, the material "hull_white" doesn't have a equivalent named file in that folder.

Other obj files that I imported also show as all white, and the c4d files I imported do not even show the object but instead a cube rectangle or something similar that would be like if the item was in a box.

So I'm trying to find out and maybe somebody here can tell me, is there a way to import an obj or c4d that will already have all the textures applied in the proper places? And, if I find a USS Enterprise that comes with all the needed textures, which files do I need to load in the textures panel? I don't know what most of those terms mean, like diffuse, specular, etc. What would be a good tutorial to learn all those things fast, without buying a 3D modeling book?


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Re: Trying to understand importing models

Postby Biederbeck on 07/14/2012, 2:34 pm

There is no wat to import a model with all the materials in place. After the materials have been assigned (either your own that came with the model, or ones you created with the element shaders) you can save the model into your presets.

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Re: Trying to understand importing models

Postby bwoogie on 07/14/2012, 4:35 pm

There is a manual...

Also, no it's not possible to import a model with the textures already applied.
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