ATI Driver Reinstallation Walkthrough

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ATI Driver Reinstallation Walkthrough

Postby candymanjl on 07/13/2012, 1:56 pm

I went through a lot of issues getting my ATI / AMD drivers updated to the most current ones on my Alienware. It was mostly Alienware / Dell's fault but I had to work out some software issues too. This could help someone else with problems with an ATI / AMD GPU card so I figured I'd post it.

I couldn't simply install the update, I had to go through a uninstall process first... ... r-install/

Then reinstall this install file. The forums gave me the link to beta drivers, which worked for me, but you should be able to install a current driver release instead of the beta now that you have done the uninstall. ... iver1.aspx

At first after the install I got a warning about not having the right drivers / the right GPU but after rebooting all was well.

So if you tried installing new ATI / AMD drivers, and you still can't get Element to work, go through the whole uninstall / reinstall process. That worked for me :)

Now to finally get to work with Element! I hope this helps someone!
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