Preparation of 3D models before importing into Elements 3D

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Preparation of 3D models before importing into Elements 3D

Postby trian on 07/12/2012, 8:39 am


The Element 3D software is really excellent in more ways than one. But the challenge, when you open the door to creativity, is that good ideas trigger even MORE ideas (and needs). This is probably why Element 3D users (just a few days after the software release) are so keen to know more about the softwares functionality and it's possibilities.

With that in mind I would like add a few observations myself (after using the software for just a few hours):

I'm not a 3D user/specialist/artist, besides being curious about how I can utilize 3D in my AE workflow. I would therefore like to know how to best prepare a 3D model before importing into Element 3D? So far I've tried importing basic shapes from both Blender and Cinema 4D without any luck. When I tried to texture the shapes the result was not good at all, compared to what happens when I texture one of the included shapes in Element 3D. It looks like there's need for some preparation of the 3D model before importing? And how do I deal with 3D models with textures included? An explaination of the use of "external" textures and environments is highly appreciated.

Also, when I import a 3D model (with several layers) I would prefer to maintain the layer name when I add an Element texture to that particular layer (instead of getting the name of the texture). Is that possible? As it's now it makes it harder to search through the different layers, after adding Elements 3D textures. Have I missed something here?

Thank you for your great work. It's really inspirational.

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Re: Preparation of 3D models before importing into Elements 3D

Postby Biederbeck on 07/12/2012, 11:55 am

Created a tutorial which explains the issues of textures and loss of geometry

Hope it helps

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