OBJ/C4D Import without texture

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OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby ozonetv on 07/11/2012, 6:14 pm

(sorry if this is a repost- I think my last one disappeared)

Trying to import a c4d or obj with textures, or at least texture it in element. When I import a c4d it's one model with one texture - no apparent way to break it into pieces.

When importing an obj I get multiple textures (all white) but don't seem to be able to change the textures on the model - which appears black.

The tutorial was a little unclear on import textures - how was the texture of the headphones created and exported as a single file?

any advice?
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby bwoogie on 07/11/2012, 7:53 pm

You will need to click the material and then add a texture by clicking on Diffuse (None Set) and load a texture in the dialog that pops up
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby TheDeacon on 07/11/2012, 8:38 pm

Yea, I'm having some issues as well. None of the textures are coming out correctly. I'm wondering if we have to do some photoshop work to break the textures out individually? I'm finding that my texture maps for specific packs show only 3, 4 textures but the model itself has about 10 items for material in element.

I am not a 3d guy, so I'm wondering if we'll see some kind of tutorial or get some direction on 'how to'..
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby ozonetv on 07/12/2012, 4:35 am

I'm still not getting results dragging existing textures onto the model directly, or into the diffuse area in the texture menu...just black.

Texturing is a great topic for a tut!
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby rickyrubb on 07/12/2012, 11:15 am

About the tutorial, I concur. It's a great, great plugin. But my inability to import obj files and make them something other than black is making me feel really stupid. I know there are a lot of tutorial subjects but it would be tremendously helpful to shed some light on this process. In the mean time I will be exploring the more explained aspects. Again great great plugin. good job team VC.
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby rafaelcoelho on 07/12/2012, 6:37 pm

Hello, if someone have the problem, export OBJ from 3ds max and import into Element, and still dont see the multi materials. Maybe i have one solution.

Im vray guy, and i try to export several times already and dont see the materials, this drive me crazy, i look help files, internet, ask my friends and i start to fink simple, OBJ is a old format, if i turn my materials VrayMaterials > Standart Materials, well, work for me ^_^

ps: sorry aboult my bad english T_T
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby Biederbeck on 07/12/2012, 8:06 pm

Created a tutorial which explains the issues of textures and loss of geometry
at BeckMotion.com/blog

Hope it helps

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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby mbrowntownm on 07/13/2012, 6:15 am

Same problem here. Anyone find a solution?
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Re: OBJ/C4D Import without texture

Postby ozonetv on 07/14/2012, 6:21 am

One thing I've noticed is that when you import a c4d file, each texture needs to have it's own unique name (though the textures don't come over, the texture will be replaceable in Element...hopefully that'll be somehow addressed in later versions). If the textures have the same name, the geometry won't be able to be separated in Element.

Also, the model needs to be made editable before bringing it in.
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