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Element issues - Updating mattes / Multi-Object

PostPosted: 07/11/2012, 2:57 pm
by prestonkanak
I have a few issues when trying to use Elements 3D. First, once you have set a layer to path layer, you are unable to update the layer it is referencing. Elements 3D only references the inital layer even when the reference layer is manipulated. I am forced to recreate the Elements layer. Also, when using the matte, if items are close to each other (but not touching) it is viewed as one item and will not turn into multiple items when Multi-object is selected. When objects are far enough apart, they then separate.

When I apply Elements to text layers, I have no problems. However, I am wanting to use Elements for logos and am running into issues when trying to use the matte option.

Any advice would be appreciated.