A few new owner questions on Element

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A few new owner questions on Element

Postby jowry on 07/11/2012, 8:53 am

Nice work! Great interface, logical layout, nice format import capabilities. My questions are thus:

With the .obj files, many of my files have the associated .mtl file with them, the text file which contains the material descriptors. I can't seem to get that to work in Element. While the pointers to the material locations is imported, nothing shows on the model - am I missing something?

I purchased the Motion Graphics models, and downloaded the alternate formats file - it installs, but I have no idea where the install pointed to, and there don't seem to be any new, obvious folders on my machine (granted that I have an OS drive, and Apps drive, and 2 large media drives). But it would be useful to know where the stuff gets put - even the base model collection, which shows up in my Element interface, doesn't show up in the searches I've done. Some sort of path indicator would be nice in the interface. Of course, it may be there - I've only had the software a day.

When you're putting tutes together, you might want to do one on exporting models with textures for use in Element, maybe from 3DS, which I have, C4D, and of course the elusive .e3d. I see that it's an open source format used in gaming software. The cool thing is that is has the ability to contain animation - is this a possibility with the import to Element? It would be killer for liquid sim!

But once again, thanks for a killer plug-in. I'll probably have more questions by the end of the day - I'll try to keep them above the FAQ level.

Joe Bourke
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