how to create a 3d model from 4 pictures without scanning

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how to create a 3d model from 4 pictures without scanning

Postby claude101141 on 04/23/2020, 5:13 am

Good morning from France;
I hope you all are safe in this somber period.
I'm trying to create a full sided object from 4 pictures without scanning them. The 4 pictures are the back ,front, left and right sides of a sort of statue. The "statue" is in fact the mummified corpse of a victim of Vesuvius eruption on October 23rd 79AD discovered in Pompeii. What I'd like to do is obtain one single 3D model with those 4 pictures by merging them; I can make four 3d models out of those pictures but the blending of the 4 models is very poor. Is there a way to solve this?
Views of 3 of the pictures:
Front :
Homme seul face.png

Right profile:
homme seul profil droit_1.png

homme seul dos1.png
homme seul dos1.png (38.45 KiB) Viewed 336 times

When fully realized the model should be placed in a gallery of the Pompeii Palestra; after a few seconds the lapilli covering the corpse will crumble to reveal the man which has been fossilized by the eruption and he will come back to life in full dress. I have done a first try by am not satisfied with my work especially I can't have my camera go around the model as it could not show the real back of the corpse.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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Re: how to create a 3d model from 4 pictures without scanning

Postby ali farahani on 04/23/2020, 10:22 am

With Element 3d you can not to do this. Its not a modeling program. Of course there are some features such as extrude you'r png files. But this feature only extrude 2d meshes in a direct side .Obviously you can not create a 3d model of statue with blending 4 sides extruded files. Try using a 3d modeling software (3ds max, maya,c4d,...)

Have a nice night from Tehran,
ali farahani
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Re: how to create a 3d model from 4 pictures without scanning

Postby TGlinskas on 04/24/2020, 7:47 am

You're looking for a photometry program. These use photos to create a 3d mesh. There are free programs, as well as paid. Do a search and see what you find. However, most of these programs require many photos from various angles - the more the better - to create the mesh.
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Re: how to create a 3d model from 4 pictures without scanning

Postby claude101141 on 04/25/2020, 12:05 am

Thanks ali farahani and TGlinskas for your replies.
Yes I've checked those photometry programs' sites. I also have a small one, "PhotoAnim" which enables me to create an obj from an image but It doesn't do it from multiple pictures. I know one should have more than 4 pictures to make something accurate; unfortunately in this case I have no way to do so.

The "fossile" is situated in Pompeii archaeological depot of the ruins; you can see it through an iron gate and so are unable to look at the different sides but the front one. I succeeded in 2015 to take a picture of the back of it while visiting the exhibit of the restored subjects presented to the public in the room built in the amphitheater of the city and found the 3/4 side views on google. So I'm limited from that point of view and quite conscious it is not enough. I made a first attempt using only the front view but cant say I'm satisfied with the result; something goes wrong and I don't see what. See the attached result, maybe you could make suggestions to improve this.

I'm not a professional and this is only a hobby and the wish to create a video of my 8 or 10 visits of those incredible archaeological sites unique in the world by the emotion one feels when visiting them and also by the incredible freshness of many of the paintings one can admire. I was lucky in 2009 to be able to visit the sites each day for a whole week, free of charge as a EU citizen above 65, and do it after the tourists were gone between 5 to 7 pm. Doing so you're practically alone in the streets of the town and you have the feeling that you might at the next corner of a house or in it encounter a Roman in full dress. This and the reading of a short novel of the french writer Theophile Gautier, "Arria Marcella", written in 1852, gave me the idea of gathering all the photos and videos and 8mm movies I shot while making my visits from 1958 to 2015. (see summary of the novel in the attachment as well as my scenario).
Its an ambitious project for an amateur beginner like myself, but I like challenges and have always been ready to explore new ideas or ventures.
Here is the scene I'm trying to improve:
Any critics and suggestions are most welcome.


[ Play Quicktime file ] man in palestra [ 2.86 MiB | Viewed 243 times ]

The novel which inspired my project and my script is Arria Marcella.doc
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